Art, Antique & Design Association (in Danish: KAD)

is an association of antique dealers, ensuring you safety and guarantee, when dealing with art, antiques and design, in their shops as well as on the internet.
KAD is a trade association with members in all regions of Denmark.

  • KAD is your guarantee of a professional and liable contact, when trading in art, antiques, utensils and design.
  • KAD gives you peace of mind. Only professional dealers, licensed by the police and with a Danish VAT number, are members.
  • KAD has an appeals board, which may settle disputes, that dealer and customer can not agree on.

Trading with a member of KAD, you are guaranteed a quality deal also when buying of the internet. National as well as international.


Se efter KADs logo i vores butikker, på nettet, på messer m.m. så er du sikker på en ordentlig handel.

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